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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Always enthusiastic & motivating!
I really enjoy my driving lessons as Leigh is always enthusiastic and motivating. She creates fun analogies to help when I drive and we always have a laugh. The LDC workbook helped me visualise manoeuvres and test my knowledge. Overall my experience with Leigh has been extremely positive and I’m so happy to have passed! Thank you Leigh!

Brilliant, understanding & Commitment
Leigh was absolutely brilliant, very understanding & took time to explain every aspect, making sure I was competent & comfortable before moving onto next topic. I explained to Leigh that I was looking to pass ASAP in order to progress at work; this was taken into account & we ensured 2 lessons were done every week. Knowing how busy Leigh is I was extremely grateful for the commitment Leigh showed to get me passed in a good time frame. I enjoyed Leigh’s learning techniques & demonstrations which helped me understand. Thank you!

Definitely would recommend!!!
Leigh is such a helpful & patient instructor I would really recommend! I feel my driving has came on so much and have gained a lot of confidence in the car which I would never have expected. Overall the LDC materials are also really useful and helped with my theory and understanding.

Friendly and patient
My instructor (Leigh) was very friendly and patient. I enjoyed being able to have a say in my lesson plans while getting her advice on where to go or what to work on. She was able to answer all my questions and send me home with worksheets to benefit my driving. She was always easy to get in contact with any questions & I was able to go over my manoeuvres as much as I felt I needed. Her car was very easy to learn in ( I really love the car). Leigh was always reliable, chatty and responsible. I would highly recommend her as the best instructor to go with!

Leigh was a great instructor, she was patient with my anxieties around driving. She helps talk you through everything. I would highly recommend her! First time pass!

Great experience!
All resources provided for the lesson was very useful. I enjoyed the online LDC videos & driving skills workbook provided me on the first lesson. My driving instructor (Leigh) made an anxious thought of learning to drive a relaxing and enjoyable experience overall. The overall learning and understanding of driving was a great experience!

I cannot thank her enough,
Leigh has been a great teacher and has made the difference in me sticking with learning this time. Her knowledge and patience in conjunction with LDC materials have allowed me to tailor the structure of my learning to what needed. The LDC workbook & videos have enabled me to continue working at it when not in car and proved an excellent supplement to my in person learning. At times during my lessons I have struggled with nerves and confidence but Leigh always had methods & advice on how to cope with this. I cannot thank her enough, I have truly enjoyed my time spent learning with her.

Patience for a 1st time pass!
Leigh was very well spoken to get her points across which made it a lot easier to grasp what she was asking of me. From experience I know how patient she is, I’m sure there was times wouldn’t have wanted to be there with me, thankfully she was! Leigh would be a great choice for anyone wanting to learn to drive Safely and correctly.

Faultless drive
I started lessons in 2022, since then Leigh has taught me skills to drive safely that I needed to pass my test. Leigh allowed me to learn at a pace I was comfortable with as I felt anxious. We practised calming techniques and strategies to help overcome the nerves. We always made sure to speak about things I found difficult about the driving and come up with a solution to help me understand. Overall Leigh has made Driving a fun and not so scary experience.

Lucy AngusLucy Angus
Excellent! Leigh helped me with my nerves & anxiety for test. Helped me with confidence in driving and manoeuvres! The LDC workbook was helpful with step by step instructions and a space to fill in areas you want to work on. I appreciate everything that Leigh has done to help me pass my test!

Kieren Kieren
Brilliant from Day 1
Leigh has been brilliant since day1 and has lays been very understanding in how I learn using different approaches to show me the best ways to drive. I feel that she was very patient after my previous test wasn’t successful- she picked me up well and made me feel I can drive. I always enjoyed how the lessons went and Leigh uses the IPAD & LDC workbook well. I also liked how she helped me adapt different points in the manoeuvres so I can do it time & time again with confidence.

Passed 1st time just after a year with Leigh. She is an amazing instructor who helped me deal with my driving anxiety. Repetition on necessary skills massively increased my confidence. Great to chat to also. The LDC workbook apps & videos were great! They allowed me to track my progress, test my knowledge and see how skills are meant to be done. Especially helpful as I’m a visual learner.

Gemma IrvinGemma Irvin
Highly recommend
Leigh has been a fab instructor, she has been very patient and understanding throughout. She’s been great! Thank you for all you have done. I highly recommend Leigh if you want an instructor who will take it at your own speed.

Lauren YuleLauren Yule
Amazing instructor
Leigh went above and beyond to help, was always friendly, always great with me & helped calm my nerves. Would 100% recommend to anyone. The LDC workbook and online was a great help.

Poppy Mathers
Off to College in another City
I thought my instructor was helpful and I feel like I learned a lot from her. I also felt comfortable around her and felt able to make mistakes as I felt safe driving with her. I felt the workbook was useful and used often at the start and end of the sessions. The LDC videos and website were also helpful resources

Kieron ReidKieron Reid
Great Instructor!
Leigh is a great Instructor! She took me from scratch lesson 1 to first time pass in 30 lessons! Using the LDC workbook and Hub really helped along with Leigh as I have a learning disability. I would highly recommend Leigh to anyone looking for driving lessons. Polite, professional and friendly! 5 out of 5 Stars!

Aniqah Begum
Excellent and thorough
My instructor was excellent and made sure that I learnt driving skills thoroughly and correctly before moving on to learning new driving skills. The LDC workbook and videos were very helpful in developing my understanding of driving.

Rebecca Thom
Leigh has been amazing! She made me feel comfortable and at ease. She made me feel confident and focused when I was driving. I really found the learning methods Leigh used made learning to drive a lot more understandable to a new driver. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! I enjoyed writing my lesson review after each lesson in my workbook. I found it helpful as I could reflect on my progress.

Sarah Quinn
“Fantastic” 5/5
Leigh has been great. I have discovered I had a few issues with controlling my feet among other issues but Leigh has been trying to find ways of fixing my issues together, finding out why I was having the issues. She really is fantastic. I find the systems and apps used were really helpful. The book especially and the little quizzes after every chapter. Overall I have been very happy with everything, it’s just a shame I was struggling with manual and have to switch to Automatic. Instructor note: Sarah has had a journey where we latterly took an automatic car out and discovered that in removing the clutch and gears, this allowed Sarah to concentrate on what was going on around her to be able to make safer decisions. This is not to say that one day she may attempt manual again, but for now we have sourced her an auto instructor.

Lee Davidson
Leigh is very calm, caring, punctual, a good laugh and natural at teaching. I was very anxious about driving and Leigh’s reassurance helped settle my nerves. I highly recommend her as a driving instructor, especially if you are anxious about it, you will not be disappointed.

The LDC system is very thorough and breaks down the different topics of driving very effectively. I used the book, website, and mobile phone application as my methods of learning. The mobile phone application comes in very handy for studying on the go, while on a break at work etc.